2017 General Revenue Operating Budget Highlights

January 4th, 2017


Town of Grand Bay-Westfield
2017 General and Sewerage Revenue Funds Operating Budgets

General Revenue Fund

The assessment base for the Municipality has decreased from $372,556,700 to $371,379,450. The decrease provided less revenue for the year 2017.

The Budget reflects maintaining the tax rate at $1.37 for 2017 which has been maintained since 2007.
Total expenditures have increased from $5,834,582 to $5,954,035 an increase of $119,453.

The Community Funding Grant provided to the Town from the Province for 2017 is $538,579 which reflects an increase of $84,078.

The cost of Policing Services provided by the RCMP has increased from $658,406 to $675,707, an increase of $17,301.

The Fiscal allocation includes $900,000 for Capital Expenditures from Operating for Capital Work.

The Budget reflects the Municipality’s financial commitments as a member of the Greater Saint John Region totaling $144,684 as well as a commitment to the River Valley Community Center (Arena) of $91,000; funding of $1,555 has been allocated to meet the Town’s payment to the Regional Service Commission. In addition the budget includes an additional $500 from Council Discretion to reflect Grand Bay-Westfield’s 3.55% to assist Enterprise Saint John over 50% cut from Quispamsis.

General Government Services reflect a Cost of Assessment fee of $72,048 paid to the Province of New Brunswick, a decrease of $158.

The budget includes an amount of $5,117 available to organizations and individuals by means of applications which qualify under the Town’s current Grant Policy as well as funding for two $500 bursaries available to Town residents.

SEWERAGE Revenue Fund

The annual sewerage user fee has been maintained for 2017 at $270 per unit with a residential discount of $15.00 if paid by April 1st.. This rate has remained constant since 2006.

Total expenditures for the Sewerage Operating Budget are $473,045.