Emergency Operations Centre Status – Activated Level 1

Activation Level Descriptions 

Current Emergency Events:

The Grand Bay-Westfield Emergency Operations Centre is currently activated to Level 1. This activation is to support the Town’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to monitor and support vulnerable persons in our community.

This activation is being done through a virtual Emergency Operations Centre to best adhere to social distancing requirements.

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River Watch 2020

River Watch 2020 Public Notice April 15, 2020

Property Owner Emergency Assistance Registration Form

St. John River 5- day forecast

Flood information:

Before a flood
During a flood
After a flood
Instructions for Pumping Out Basements

Past Events:

Hurricane Dorian
Public Notice – September 6, 2019 Hurricane Dorian

River Watch 2019 Flood Information
Roadside Pickup Information
Report Flood Damages- click here
NB River Watch 2019 webpage
NB EMO Flood Recovery Booklet
Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health – After a flood information
Public Notice May 1 2019

Emergency Response Plans

Municipal Emergency Response Plan – PDF  (Adopted by council March 13, 2017)

Spring Freshet Emergency Response Policy  – PDF (Approved by Council March 9, 2020)


Information on Joining EMO

Your EMO Connect

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2 EMO-RV-News-Column
3 Food-Safety-During-Power-Outage
4 EMO-Pet-Grab-Go-Kit-2014
5 Your 72 Hour Kit
6 WATER, an Essential Commodity.
7 How to survive a power outage
8 Who are we, what do we do ?
9 How Can I Help?
10 Family Meetup Plan
11 Do you pull over


Public Safety Canada
New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization