Your Local Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) – How Can I Help?

An earlier EMO Connect article in the River Valley News outlined the role of the EMO in the community, the training involved, what EMO does in response to an emergency as well as an ongoing basis. This article can be found on the Town website under About Your Town, EMO, Your EMO Connect, “Who are we, what do we do?”

In this month’s article, the roles volunteers can assist with will be discussed.

EMO always includes the Director who currently is Town Councillor Bev Day, the Fire Chief, the Town Works Commissioner as well as representatives from Town Council, the local RCMP and Ambulance NB. All other members of the EMO are volunteers including the Secretary who notifies members of meetings and other important events, takes minutes and handles correspondence. EMO has been fortunate to obtain grants occasionally to hire people for special projects.

Here is a list of the roles that currently exist and a brief description of the responsibilities involved (these are in no particular order).


  • Activating and maintaining the Emergency Operations Centre in the event of a community-wide emergency.

Public Information

  • Keeping the public informed and updated in the time leading up to, during and following an emergency.
  • Coordinating communication with the media.
  • Submitting a monthly article to the River Valley News.
  • Planning public education sessions.


  • Maintaining a list of residents and businesses which have equipment, supplies or services that may be required in emergency.
  • Obtaining items and services which may be required in an emergency.


  • Short-wave radio communication and other technical applications.


  • Establishing and maintaining connections with local businesses and other community partners.

If you would like to find out more about how you can help your local EMO, please contact the Town Manager, Sandra Gautreau at 738-6420.