Public Notices and Events

notices-page-s“We decided to move to Grand Bay-Westfield because it is beautiful, safe, affordable, and has everything we need. We can be uptown in 15 minutes, but get to come home to our little piece of the world where our daughter can play outside and the people at Tim’s know us by name.”

– John and Lisa McLaggan (folk duo, “Tomato/Tomato”)

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2020 Public Notices

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Building Permits

Sewer Bill Extension

March 23, 2020 Council Meeting Cancelled

Frantically Atlantic – EVENT CANCELLED

Spring Freshet Emergency Response

Municipal Plan Update

Minimize Flood Damage

Public Hearing Of Objections

Change Your Clocks & Batteries

RCMP Information

Age Friendly Update

Municipal Plan Review

Plastic Bags No Longer Recyclable

2020 Sewerage Tax Bills

February 24 Meeting Cancelled

Need a Wheelchair ?

Family Day 2020

Contact Information

PAC Meeting Cancelled

2020 Coin – Mount Hope Farm

Volunteer CNIB

Winterfest in Grand Bay-Westfield Updated

Building Cultural Competency

Sunrise Play Park

Chief Administrative Officer