Presentation by the River Valley Lions Club of the Chevron Award to
Mayor Grace Losier for 15 Years of Service as an Honorary Member


Congratulations Megan Duplessie
for submitting the winning name for
the Big Paw Little Paw Dog Park







Presented at the Town Council Meeting of June 27, 2016
$500.00 UNBSJ Bursary – Abigail Morgan, Recipient











Town of Grand Bay-Westfield

Mayor’s Office

Mayor Grace Losier

609 River Valley Drive P.O. Box 3001 Grand Bay-Westfield, N.B. E5K 4V3

Tel: (506) 738-6433 Fax: (506) 738-6424 mayor@towngbw.ca

May 26, 2015
Dr. Jennifer Ryan
The Medicine Shoppe
317 River Valley Drive
Grand Bay-Westfield, NB
E5K 1A8

Dear Dr. Ryan:

On behalf of Town of Grand Bay-Westfield Council, congratulations on recently receiving the Gordon Kane Meritorious Service Award given by the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists to those who have contributed so much through prolonged service and involvement. We are truly pleased a member of our community has achieved this distinction.

We applaud your accomplishment and wish you every success in the future.

Again congratulations.

Grace Losier







Joy Durdan from Grand Bay-Westfield displays her first place award

for winning the Super Series Women award for runners aged 40 to 49



Mayor’s Office
Mayor Grace Losier
609 River Valley Drive • P.O. Box 3001 • Grand Bay-Westfield, N.B. • E5K 4V3
Tel: (506) 738-6433 • Fax: (506) 738-6424 • mayor@towngbw.ca

Barbara Phillips
61 Inglewood Drive
Grand Bay-Westfield, NB
E5K 2E1
Dear Barb:

On behalf of Town of Grand Bay-Westfield Council, congratulations on receiving the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award for your 45 years of dedicated volunteer service. We are truly pleased a member of our community has achieved this distinction.

We applaud your accomplishment and wish you all the best for the future.

Again congratulations.


Grace Losier





1st Cayden Rice – Yogurt Maker

2nd Kevin Cleary – Plasma Car

3rd Emily Mallet – Canada Day Cake and Fishing Rod


1st Sidney Clark and others

2nd Lauchlin Campbell

3rd Logan Breen

4th Ashley Jenkins

5th Rice Family

6th Hillary Foote



Presentation of plaque June 23, 2014 to Grand Bay-Westfield Council by 1st Westfield
Scouts as a thank you for the Town’s support for the Canadian Jamboree 2013



2014 Premiers Awards for Energy Efficiency

May 27th, 2014

Community Award for Outstanding Energy Efficiency Achievement

Grand Bay-Westfield

The Town of Grand Bay-Westfield has been a long time advocate of energy efficiency and sustainability, both leading by example and helping residents adopt sustainable behaviours through education and support.

“Grand Bay-Westfield considers itself a champion for conservation and energy efficiency. We all have a responsibility to use less or use our resources in a smarter way, to reduce our impact on the environment. We as a community are trying to lead by example,” says Mayor Grace Losier.

The Town has completed the energy retrofits of eight municipal buildings through Efficiency NB’s Energy Smart Program for commercial buildings which have resulted in annual savings of over $13,000 and in 2013 it participated in the PowerShift Atlantic project in cooperation with NB Power, installing a thermal storage unit in the municipal office building.

A partnership with NB Power in a pilot project to install LED street lights began with a single light at the  new regional commuter transit station and then the installation of six additional lamp types throughout the community to test for reliability, resident reaction and light quality. Grand Bay-Westfield was one of the first communities to successfully complete the provincial street light conversion program in June 2013.

The Town cooperates with Efficiency New Brunswick to post monthly energy conservation tips on its website and has hosted various community holiday events to distribute energy-efficient light bulbs. All of the Town’s holiday lights are also energy-efficient LEDs. The Community has extended its conservation message to a year-long water efficiency campaign.

As a Community, the move towards reducing energy usage and the adoption of new technologies is widely accepted. Grand Bay-Westfield is seen by its residents as a leading community in promoting the transition to a smart grid. At every opportunity the town highlights its successes in energy efficiency and encourages its citizens to take advantage of residential and commercial incentive programs through Efficiency NB and rebate programs through NB Power.

With past success in lowering energy costs in public facilities the Town has plans to explore new technologies and programs for the future, such as commercial vehicle recharge stations.











Recognition of Plaque Received Re:

The Guinness World Records for The Marigold Project






Town of Grand Bay-Westfield

For Immediate Release:
March 25, 2014

Grand Bay-Westfield recognized for Smart Grid partnership

The Town of Grand Bay-Westfield received a plaque March 24th recognizing its partnership in the PowerShift Atlantic project currently undertaken by NB Power. The partnership is the first of its kind in Canada and seeks to blow more wind power into the region’s energy mix.

“Grand Bay-Westfield’s role is the testing of a Commercial Electric Thermal Storage Unit in the rear entrance lobby of our municipal Centrum building on River Valley Drive,” explains Grand Bay-Westfield Mayor Grace Losier. “The units have internal “brick” storage which holds energy not needed during low peak periods, which can be used during high peak energy use periods. We all have a responsibility to use less and/or smarter, and we are trying to lead by example.”

The technology allows NB Power to have external control of the unit. Mayor Losier requested the Town participate in the PowerShift Atlantic project following a presentation by NB Power at an annual conference for municipalities. “I approached them right away to get involved in the smart grid technologies they spoke of, as this was not the first time the Town has worked with NB Power on efficiency efforts,” noted Mayor Losier.

In 2007 and 2009, the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield tested three types of LED street lights to assist NB Power’s assessment toward broader distribution. “This led to installation of three prototypes along the length of Colonel Nase Boulevard, where we have major development opportunities, prior to the planned five-year roll out of these LED streetlights throughout the province.  Each of these initiatives has led to lesser consumption or consumption in non-peak times.”

Directed by Natural Resources Canada, PowerShift Atlantic is the first of 19 Clean Energy Fund Projects across the country. Grand Bay-Westfield’s research and demonstration project is being managed by NB Power, with support from partners from across the Maritime Provinces, dedicated to exploring ways to better use wind energy. The project will continue over the next 10 years with monitoring and potentially installing more units.

The relevance to wind energy is that wind power cannot be turned on and off with a switch. You need to have ways to use it or store it when it is available. The overall projected benefit for projects like this is for NB Power to potentially avoid building new power plants, or remove high cost plants that are currently only needed in peak periods. Grace_Losier_Presentation

Photo caption

Grand Bay-Westfield Mayor Grace Losier displays a plaque from NB Power recognizing the Town’s role in testing a Thermal Storage Unit as part of the PowerShift Atlantic project.

For further information please contact:

Mayor Grace Losier


Congratulations to our Canada Day 2013 Prize Winners

Amelia Lukie – $75.00 Fuel Gift Card
Denise Richardson – Combo Game Set/Canada Day Cake
Wendy Gallant – Child’s Basketball Set

Chalk Prize Winners

Family Category

1st Prize Felix, Finn, Shannon and Cliff Turner
2nd Prize Joanne & Ashley Watters
3rd Prize Downey Family

Ages 16 and up

1st Prize Austin & Rachel

Ages 11 – 15

1st Prize Jackson Landry and Brandon Cromwell

Ages 10 and under

1st Prize Jessica & Kate
2nd Prize Lauren, Callie & Isabelle

Honourable Mention

Logan and Colin Breen, Micheline Emond, Anna White, Ella Mawhinney


Kerrianne, Elizabeth Kozack, Abigail Dube, Kayla Curran, Molly Hawkes, Julia McKinley, Ethan & Leah Thom, Anna Breen

Winners of Bling your Bike


Carter Reid

Ages 6 – 10

Jacob Perry, Wyatt Lukie, Catherine Kasey

Ages 5 and Under

Violet Toole, Violet Robinson, Evan Campbell