Crane Mountain Landfill Public Drop Off

November 4th, 2014


The Public Drop off at Crane Mountain Landfill makes dropping off all your waste items convenient and fast.

Containers for garbage, compost, recycling, construction material and household hazardous materials such as paint, batteries, motor oil, are all centrally located in one paved drop-off area.

Save money by composting, and cut back on garbage significantly! Collect all your food waste in a small bucket or container with a tight fitting lid and toss it into the compost bin located right beside the garbage dumpster. Recycling bins are also located right in the public drop off and so is the household hazardous waste facility.

Remember: Leaf & yard waste will not be accepted as garbage, it must go as compost. Package your leaves in brown paper, compostable or clear plastic bags and toss in the compost bin.

Hours: Monday to Friday: 7:30 to 5 pm & Saturday 8 to 12 noon

Garbage – $1 /bag, up to 8 bags

Garbage, over 8 bags: weighed at $108/tonne, minimum charge $8

Compost – One bag of compostable material is free with each bag of garbage, or $1 up to 100 kg.

For more information: or call 738 1212.