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Grand Bay-Westfield Volunteer Fire-Rescue Department 
Now Provides Ice Rescue Response

The Grand Bay-Westfield Volunteer Fire Department is pleased to announce that as of Saturday, February 25, 2006 it has expanded its level of service and response capabilities to now be able to provide Ice Rescue Response.

With the approval of Town Council the Volunteer Fire Department acquired the necessary equipment and training to be able to add to its service capability and now can respond properly to an incident where someone has become trapped on or fallen through the ice.  With the acquisition of proper suits and other related equipment the members of the Department will be properly protected to handle such an incident, should it occur.

We wish to thank the members of the RCMP and the Westfield Ambulance Service for participating in our training.  A response to this type of emergency will involve all three agencies and having an understanding of what needs to take place will be a benefit.  We also wish to thank Grand Bay-Westfield Town Council for its continued support of the Department and specifically for funding the purchase of ice rescue equipment and specialized training.

In light of the weather conditions this year the ice is unpredictable, therefore we encourage people to avoid the lakes’ and the rivers’ ice.  We urge all persons who choose to venture onto the ice to use extreme caution.

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Children’s Christmas Gathering with Santa.

Children from the Department and Town Staff enjoy a visit with Santa Claus and received a gift.