Vintage Photographs

These vintage photos came from a local resident Everett Calvin Sr.  Thank You.

“I admire the work that has been done in Grand Bay-Westfield by the signage that lets people know the area’s history. The community seems up to date and modern, but of course, it thrived, somewhat smaller, in days past with sawmills, riverboat traffic, and as a summer camp or cottage area, not just for families, but for organizations like the Gyro Club. There are glimpses of the past in Grand Bay-Westfield worth searching for. The graceful architecture of the former summer-only homes that dot the area is one place this is found. The stones with poignant epitaphs in the early cemeteries are another. The past pokes through along the rail bed where the province’s first steam engine operated. This is also true of the ferry crossing at Brundage Point, now almost a century old. Canoeing among the rushes at the Nerepis River, we easily step back to the days when the Mi’kmaq and Maliseet made and sold baskets to summer residents of the area, and a well just back of the Woodman’s Point (Lingley) Municipal Heritage Trail kiosk lets one slip back to the era of pails of water being dragged to the house for drinking and washing. These experiences allow me to step back in time.”

– David Goss, New Brunswick Folklore and History Buff


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