December 15th, 2015



It is very important that every effort be made to reduce the amount of waste produced and to promote recycling; therefore, the following information is provided to assist residents:

Appliances: Simpson Truck & Trailer Parts (no fridges unless

Freon Removed also anything metal) 635-8140

Atlantic Metal Recycling (fridges – remove compressor $10.00 fee) 633-0660

Salvation Army Thrift Store

(only small appliances, i.e. toasters, kettles, microwaves

no large appliances, i.e. washers, dryers, fridges) 632-8391

Romero House 642-7447

Large Appliances can be recycled at Crane Mountain Landfill,

Refrigerators and Freezers – $15.00, Washers, Dryers and Stoves – $8.00

Auto Parts: Simpson Truck & Tractor Parts (scrap auto parts/anything metal) 635-8140

Cyr’s Auto Salvage (anything metal) 696-1901

Car Batteries: Atlantic Metal Recycling 633-0660

Cyr’s Auto Salvage 696-1901

Starkey’s Garage 738-8472

Crane Mountain – HHW Facility 738-1212

All Batteries: Return to Retailer or Crane Mountain HHW Facility

Beverage Containers: Grand Bay Redemption 738-6778

Golden Mile Redemption Centre (175 Linton Road, Saint John) 674-1206

Construction &

Demolition Waste: Crane Mountain Landfill (Fundy Region Solid Waste) 738-1212

Restore (727 Rothesay Ave, Saint John) collects used building materials 635-7867

Cardboard and paper: Saint John Recycling (for commercial/office collection 633-1770

Recycling Depots

Sobeys Plaza & Crane Mountain Landfill (Public Drop Off)

Clothing, Furniture,

& Household: NB Association for Community Living (no furniture and only 642-5511

small household items)

Romero House 642-7447

Salvation Army Thrift Store (clean, no rips, good condition) 632-8391

Restore (furniture, household items & clothing) 635-7867

Used Oil: Most Service Stations

Tires: Any Tire Shop (no charge)

Starkey’s Garage (only when open) 738-8472

Crane Mountain Landfill (charge to drop off tires) 738-1212

Outdated Medication: Grand Bay Pharmacy 738-8406

Household/Other Items: Crane Mountain Landfill – Scale House 738-1212 Household Garbage (1 – 8 Bags – $1.00 per bag)

Compost (up to 1 cart load free)

Household Hazardous Waste Depot – Open

All hours landfill is open (No Charge) Recycle Depot

Visit Website below for list of acceptable items

or call 738-1212

Please note – Leaves and yard waste are not acceptable in garbage and can be subject to a double fee. Leaves & yard waste are accepted in the compost. Yard waste can be brought loose in brown paper, compostable or clear bags.

Propane Cylinders: Harbour City Propane (BQ size & up) 696-6699

Crane Mountain HHW Facility

Recycling depots are being operated at Sobeys Plaza & Crane Mountain Landfill.

The depot provides containers for cardboard, paper, metal, and plastic.

For additional information about recycling and disposal of items, please call the

Fundy Region Solid Waste Hotline at 738-1212

or visit www.FundyRecycles.com.