Interested in “Learning Fly Tying & Casting”

December 15th, 2014


Interested in “Learning Fly Tying & Casting”

There will be classes offered on fly tying & casting in Grand Bay- Westfield (GBW), these classes are at the introductory and intermediate level including:

Fly tying history, tools, material and techniques.
Fly patterns, dry, wet, nymphs & streamers.
Learn and perfect the skills that will enable YOU to tie good trout, salmon and bass flies.

Basics of fly rods, reels, lines & leaders.
Casting principles & techniques.
Essential knots.
You will be casting straight lines before you leave.

The weekly sessions will be taught by experienced tyers and fishermen as well as renowned guests who are well respected in this art form.

Where – River Valley Lions Community Centre, 27 Inglewood Drive. GBW
When- Every Wednesday Jan 7 to April 8, 2015.
Timings – 7 to 9 PM (1900 -2100 HRS)
Who – All welcome, a great way to spend a Winter evening.
Cost – No charge as long as you can tell fishing stories.

What to bring:
Fly tying tools & material if you have any, if not, some will be provided.
Rods, reels and lines during the casting sessions in late March.
A smile & a tall story. Join us, the Fly Tyers by the sound of many waters.

Hope to see you there!! Require further information;
Call 757-8632/757-2922