By-law No. 112b

The Council of the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield under authority vested in it by the Community Planning Act, enacts an Amendment to By-law No. 112, Town of Grand Bay-Westfield Zoning By-law.

1. (1) By-law No. 112 is amended by adding the following subsection under Section 2.5 Boundaries of Zones:

f) in the case where the zones shown on Schedule “A” are not in conformity to the provisions of clauses (a) to (e) above, and in effect divide or split a registered parcel of land, the use regulations applicable to either zone apply to the entire lot parcel and the zone boundary may be assumed to be relocated accordingly, provided that:

i. such provisions shall only apply to PIDs 00222976, 30197867, 00221176, 00466672

ii. the greatest distance from the existing boundary line shown on the Schedule “A” Zoning Map, does not exceed 200 m and

ii. all other regulations of such zone(s) shall apply to the area of land affected by the change in boundary.

This by-law comes into force on the date of final passing thereof.


FIRST READING BY TITLE on this 26th day of March , 2012.

SECOND READING BY TITLE on this 26th day of March , 2012.

THIRD READING AND ENACTMENT on this 10 day of April 2012.


Sandra Gautreau – Manager (Clerk)
Grace Losier – Mayor