By-law No. 2a

Wastewater Treatment By-law Amendment

The Council of the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield under authority vested in it by Section 189 of the Municipalities Act, R.S.N.B. 1973, c.M-22 and amendments thereto hereby enacts as an amendment to By-law No. 2, Town of Grand Bay-Westfield By-law respecting the Sanitary Wastewater System.

By-law No. 2 is amended as follows:

Section 26(3) is deleted and replaced with a new section 26(3) which reads as follows:

26(3). Refusal to hook-up is subject to a fine of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00).

This by-law comes into force on the date of final passing thereof.
FIRST READING BY TITLE on this    25th    day of     May, 1998.
SECOND READING BY TITLE on this    25th    day of  May   , 1998.
THIRD READING AND ENACTMENT on this   8th  day of June  , 1998.

Sandra Gautreau                                                                                                                Grace Losier
Manager (Clerk)                                                                                                                          Mayor