Council Agenda – July 11, 2016

1.Call to Order – 7:30 p.m.

2.Record of Attendance

3.Approval of the Order of Business and Approval of Additions and Deletions

4.Disclosure of Conflict of Interest

5.Public Hearings – None

6.Public Presentations

6.1Presentation of Town Bursary to Recipient Alexander Curran – Brought Forward from June 27, 2016 Agenda

6.2    Presentation of RCMP Report for June 2016 –  RCMP Representative Attending


7.1Minutes of River Valley Community Center Foundation Inc. Meeting of
May 17, 2016

7.2    Minutes of Regular Council Meeting of June 27, 2016

8.Bills for Payment

9.Consent Agenda
a)Grand Bay-Westfield Volunteer Fire/Rescue Report for June 2016
b)Works Department Report for June 2016
c)Building Inspector’s Report for June 2016
d)River Centre Coordinator’s Report for June 2016
e)Dog Control Report for June 2016
f)Recreation Department Report for June 2016

10.Business Arising from Minutes
a)Regular Council Meeting Minutes of June 27, 2016

11.Delegations – None

12.Petitions – None

13.By-laws – None

14.Notice of Motions

15.Reports – None

15.1    Sewerage Utility Accounts Receivable Report as at July 6, 2016

16.Letter of June 16, 2016 from Mayor Don Darling Re:  Congratulation to Mayor and Council on Recent Election

17.Thank You Card from Harbour View High School for Contribution to Safe Grad Celebration

18.Town Manager’s Report of July 5, 2016 Re:  Appointment of Aquatic Centre Board Member

19.Letter of July 7, 2016 from Doug Hartford, P. Eng., Dillon Consulting Re:  Storm Sewer & Street Imp. 2016, Project 16-3595A, Certificate No. 2

20.Letter of July 6, 2016 from Doug Hartford, P. Eng., Dillon Consulting Re:  Floating Dock Improvements, Project 092797F, Certificate No. 2, Completion Certificate

21.Letter of July 8, 2016 from Doug Hartford, P. Eng., Dillon Consulting Re:  Wastewater System Improvements, Murray Street SLS No. 4 Removal, Project 163317B, Certificate No. 1