Council Agenda – June 13, 2016

1.Call to Order – 7:30 p.m.

1. a    Oath of Office – Michael Likely

2.Record of Attendance

3.Approval of the Order of Business and Approval of Additions and Deletions

4.Disclosure of Conflict of Interest

5.Public Hearings – None

6.Public Presentations

6.1Presentation of RCMP Report for April 2016 – Brought Forward from May 24, 2016 Agenda/RCMP Report for May 2016 – RCMP Representative Attending

6.2Town of Grand Bay-Westfield Bursary Fund Draws

6.3Presentation to David Calvin in Recognition of Years of Service

6.4Presentation of Volunteer Fire Department Awards

6.5Motion of Council to Recess for Reception


7.1Minutes of Planning Advisory Committee Meeting of May 2, 2016

7.2Minutes of Regular Council Meeting of May 24, 2016

7.3Email Poll of June 1, 2016 Re:  Application & Account Management for Visa Desjardins Card

8.Bills for Payment

9.Consent Agenda
a)Dog Control Report for May 2016
b)Building Inspector’s Report for May 2016
c)Recreation Department Report for May 2016
d)Grand Bay-Westfield Volunteer Fire/Rescue Report for May 2016
e)River Centre Coordinator’s Report for May 2016
f)Works Department Report for May 2016

10.Business Arising from Minutes
a)Regular Council Meeting Minutes of May 24, 2016

11.Delegations – None

12.Petitions – None

13.By-laws – None

14.Notice of Motions


15.1    Letter of May 20, 2016 from Marc MacLeod, Executive Director – Fundy Regional Service Commission Re:  Financial Statements for the Year Ended 31 December 2015

16.Email of May 19, 2016 from Bernard Beukeveld Re:  Railway Safety 2016

17.Town Manager’s Report of May 6, 2016 Re:  2016 Summer Meeting Schedule

18.Draft Policy of May 19, 2016 Titled Designation of Memorial Trees on Municipal Lands/Application Form

19.Email of May 30, 2016 from Mary and Phillip Reeves Re:  Review of Use of Space in Grand Bay Centrum for Seniors

20.2016 ReStore Habitat for Humanity Collection – Grand Bay-Westfield

21.Letter of June 6, 2016 from Federation of Canadian Municipalities Re:  Partners for Climate Protection Program

22.Clean Water and Wastewater Grant Application, Preliminary Estimates, and Site Map for Council Motion

23.Memorandum of June 8, 2016 from the Planning Advisory Committee Re:  Summer Meeting Schedule