Council Agenda – May 13, 2013






Call to Order – 7:30 pm

Record of Attendance

Approval of the Order of Business and Approval of Additions and Deletions

Disclosure of Conflict of Interest

Public Hearings – None

5.1 Public Hearing
Re:  Proposed By-law No. 117, Town of Grand Bay-Westfield By-law to Close Certain Public Streets and Right of Ways
6. Public Presentations
6.1 Presentation of RCMP Statistical Report for April 2013 – RCMP Representative Attending
6.2 Presentation Re:  Canada Day 10 Miler 10K and 5K – Alex Coffin, Event Organizer Presenter/Recreation Director’s Report of May 8, 2013
7. Minutes
7.1 Minutes of Regular Council Meeting of April 22, 2013
7.2 Minutes of Regional Service Commission 9 Board of Directors Meeting of January 15, 2013/Minutes of Fundy Regional Service Commission of February 13, 2013 and March 14, 2013



Tender Notes of April 25, 2013 Re:  Lawn Mowing Tender No. 13L – 2013

Minutes of Planning Advisory Committee Meeting of Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bills for Payment

9. Consent Agenda

a) Building Inspector’s Report for April 2013
b) Grand Bay-Westfield Volunteer Fire Rescue Department Report for April 2013
c) Dog Control Reports for March and April 2013
d) River Centre Co-ordinator’s Report for April 2013
e) Works Commissioner’s Report for April 2013
f) Recreation Director’s Report for April 2013

10. Business Arising from Minutes

a) Regular Council Meeting Minutes of April 22, 2013



Delegations – None


12.1 Petition Dated May 8, 2013 from Residents of Brandy Point Road
Re:  Paving of Brandy Point Road



By-laws – None

Notice of Motions

Reports – None

16. Letter from Lynn MacKinnon, President, The Nature Trust of New Brunswick Inc. Re:  Thank You for Support
17. Letter of April 15, 2013 from Matt Quail, Prairies and New Brunswick Lead, Community Relations – Energy East Pipeline Project Re:  News Release – TransCanada Launches Binding Open Season for Eastern Oil Pipeline
18. Town Manager’s Report of April 23, 2013
Re:  Appointment of Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) Member
19. Town Manager’s Report of April 23, 2013
Re:  Appointment of Harbour Station Commission Member
20. Letter of April 19, 2013 from Hon. Claude Williams, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Re:  Designated Highways Program for 2013
21. Recreation Director’s Report of April 26, 2013
Re:  Lawn Mowing Services Tender No. 13L-2013
22. Facsimile of May 1, 2013 from NB MEPP Pension Board Re:  Shared Risk Plans in New Brunswick
23. Town Manager’s Report of April 24, 2013
Re:  Stonehammer Geopark Funding Request
24. Letter of April 26, 2013 from Franklin O. Leger, Q.C. Cox & Palmer Re:  Supplementary Letters Patent – Greater Saint John Community Economic Development Agency, Incorporated (Enterprise Saint John)/Relevant Data
25. Development Officer’s Report of May 1, 2013
Re:  River Valley Middle School Rave Run, 5 km Road Race and 1 km Beginners Run
26. Town Manager’s Report of May 2, 2013
Re:  Appointment of Tourism Committee Member
27. Town Manager’s Report of May 2, 2013
Re:  Appointment of Aquatic Centre Board Member
28. Town of Grand Bay-Westfield Requests for Funding Summary Information Sheet for April 30, 2013 Grants Deadline/Relevant Data
29. Letter of May 8, 2013 from Robert G. (Bob) Little, C.D. Re:  Thank You
30. Memorandum of May 8, 2013 from Planning Advisory Committee
Re:  Recommendation to Council Re:  Tentative Subdivision Plans – Grand West Holdings Ltd. – Myles Terrace/Development Officer’s Report of May 8, 2013
31. Letter of May 10, 2013 from Douglas Hartford, P. Eng. of Dillon Consulting
Re:  Street Resurfacing 2013 – Frederick Street (George to George), Garden Road, Brookdale Avenue (to Mersereau), Nelson Street, Meadowbrook Drive, Fourth Street, Beverley Hills Drive, Grand Bay-Westfield, NB Project No.12-6093
32. Adjournment