Council Agenda – September 12, 2016

1.Call to Order – 7:30 pm

2.Record of Attendance

3.Approval of the Order of Business and Approval of Additions and Deletions

4.Disclosure of Conflict of Interest

5.Public Hearings – None

6.Public Presentations

6.1Presentation Re:  Greater Saint John Field House Project – Bill MacMackin Presenter

6.2RCMP Report for August 2016 – RCMP Representative Attending

6.3Presentation by Kirk Simms Re:  Roadside Area – Bayview Road


7.1Minutes of Regular Council Meeting of August 8, 2016

7.2Email Poll of August 4, 2016 Re:  Revised Location for 2016 Sculpture to Brundage Point River Centre

7.3Email Poll of August 12, 2016 Re:  Town Signatures on an Agreement for Temporary Banner Attachments on NB Power Poles/Draft Resolution

7.4Email Poll of August 9, 2016 Re:  Purchase of Ticket for MP Ludwig’s Event on August 13, 2016

7.5Email Poll of August 29, 2016 Re:  Donation to St. Joseph’s Foundation in Lieu of  Mayor’s Dragon Boat Race

7.6Email Poll of August 29, 2016 Re:  Approval for Signatures for Claim #1 for Small Communities Fund – Project No. 6920-1082 Wastewater System Improvements

7.7Tender Notes of August 30, 2016 Re:  Tender No. FD-201601, One 6000 psi High Pressure Breathing Air System

7.8    Email Poll of September 1, 2016 Re:  Approval for Signatures for Payment to Debly Enterprises Ltd for Project 163595B – Storm Sewer & Street Improvements, Certificate No. 1

8.    Bills for Payment

9.    Consent Agenda
a)Building Inspector’s Report for August 2016
b)Grand Bay-Westfield Volunteer Fire/Rescue Reports for July, August 2016
c)Works Department Report for July 2016
d)Dog Control Report for August 2016
e)Recreation Department Report for August 2016
f)River Centre Coordinator’s Report for August 2016

10.    Business Arising from Minutes
a)  Regular Council Meeting Minutes of August 8, 2016

11.    Delegations – None

12.    Petitions – None

13.    By-laws – None

14.    Notice of Motions

15.    Reports – None

16.    Letter of August 27, 2016 from Barry Ogden, President and General Manager UNB Saint John Seawolves Re:  Invitation to Saint John Seawolves Football Games

17.    News Release from Office of Premier of August 18, 2016 Re:  Provincial and Federal Governments reach Agreement under New Federal Infrastructure Funding Programs – Approval of Funding for the Town of Grand Bay- Westfield

18.    Email of August 19, 2016 from Edward & Beverly Powell Re:  Recognition of Good Work in Maintaining Town Properties

19.    Email of August 22, 2016 from Stephanie McIntosh Lawrence Re:  Clayton Clark Memorial 5K Run/Walk/Development Officer’s Report of September 7, 2016

20.    Recreation Director’s Report of September 7, 2016 Re:  Sign Quotes

21.    Fire Chief’s Report of September 8, 2016 Re:  5Water Supply

22.    Fire Chief’s Report of September 8, 2016 Re:  Breathing Air System

23.    Letter of August 8, 2016 from Doug Hartford, P. Eng., Dillon Consulting Re:  Designated Highway 2016, Project 16-3985, Certificate No. 1, Completion Certificate

24.    Adjournment