Council Agenda – September 26, 2016

1.Call to Order – 7:30 p.m.

2.Record of Attendance

3.Approval of the Order of Business and Approval of Additions and Deletions

4.Disclosure of Conflict of Interest

5.Public Hearings

6.Public Presentations

6.1Presentation by The Community Foundation Re:  40th Anniversary Gala, Kelly Evans, Executive Director Presenter

6.2Presentation by the Imperial Theatre Re:  Review of Operations and Request for Capital Funding, Lee Bolton, Executive Director Presenter

6.3Presentation Re:  Keel Construction Gravel Pit – Mark Gillan, Presenter


7.1Minutes of Regular Council Meeting of September 12, 2016

7.2Minutes of Planning Advisory Committee Meeting of August 2, 2016

8.Bills for Payment

9.Consent Agenda
a)Works Department Report for August 2016

10.Business Arising from Minutes
a)Regular Council Meeting Minutes of September 12, 2016

11.Delegations – None


12.1Petition of September 20, 2016 from Residents of Thompson Road Re:  Condition of Thompson Road – Joe Young Presenter

13.By-laws – None

14.Notice of Motions

15.Reports – None

16.Memorandum of September 7, 2016 from The Federation of Canadian Municipalities Re:  Designation of Leaders for Canada 150 Community Leaders

17.Email of September 12, 2016 from Michael Likely, Deputy Mayor, Town Representative Regional Facilities Commission Re:  2017 Approved Budget for Regional Facilities Commission

18.Letter of September 21, 2016 from Bill MacMackin, Saint John Fieldhouse Re:  Greater Saint John Fieldhouse Project

19.Letter of September 19, 2016 from Jim & Carol Carnell Re:  Transfer of Lands to Acquire Title to Land Contained in a Portion of Green Area off Gary Court/Development Officer’s Report of September 19, 2016

20.Property Request Form from James Tippett – Nerepis Road/Development Officer’s Report of September 21, 2016

21.Work’s Commissioner’s Report of September 21, 2016 Re: Designated Highway 5 Year Plan 2017-2021

22.Work’s Commissioner’s Report of September 21, 2016 Re: Roadside Area – Bayview Road

23.Letter of September 22, 2016 from Doug Hartford, P.Eng., Dillon Consulting Re:  Storm Sewer & Street Imp. 2016, Project No. 16-3595A, Certificate No. 4, Completion Certificate

24.Letter of September 22, 2016 from Doug Hartford, P. Eng., Dillon Consulting Re: Wastewater System Improvements, Project No. 163317A, Certificate No. 2, Completion Certificate