Planning Advisory Committee

The Town of Grand Bay-Westfield Planning Advisory Committee is comprised of not less than five (5) members and not more than seven (7) members as established by Town By-law. The Committee meets regularly on the first and third Monday of each month at 8:00 p.m. Committee members are appointed by resolution of Town Council for three year terms with the original appointments made so that as nearly as possible the term of office of one-third of the members expires each year.

Members are remunerated on an honorarium basis at a rate of $25.00 per meeting, subject to attendance. Remuneration is provided in one annual payment during the month of December. Committee members must hold the following qualifications:

  1. be qualified to vote under the Municipalities Act
  2. be a resident of the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield

The powers and duties of the Planning Advisory Committee are:

a. those accruing under the provisions of the Community Planning Act;

b. to advise and make recommendations to the Council on any matter relating to Community Planning;

c. to give its views to the Council on any by-law proposed to be enacted under the Community Planning Act whether or not such views have been requested in accordance with section 110 of the said Act;

d. to exercise such powers and perform such duties relating to Community Planning as are given to it by the Community Planning Act or the Council.