Youth Activities

Here are some of the various activities being offered to youth in the area.

Activity Phone Number Additional Information
Recreation Information Phone Line 738-6400 Call 738-6400 and Press 2
1st Westfield Community group 333-5988 Aaron Parker
B-Hive Bowling 738-8476
Dooly’s (Billards) 738-8177
East Coast Spirit Cheerleading
ExperiDance 898-0559 Tricia Briggins
Fundy Fencing Club
Fundy Lacrosse Association 693-6137
Fundy Wellness Network 643-2005 Alberta Stanton (Co-Chair)
Girl Guides 1-800-565-8111 Debbi Childs-McCluskey
Go Go Gymnastics 1-877-977-4646
Grand Bay Baptist Youth 738-8423
Grand Bay-Westfield RecreationDept. 738-6423 Gary Clark
Human Performance Centre (Fitness) 738-3554
InterAction School of Performing Arts 674-9192 Kate Elman-Wilcot
KidSing Performance School 847-3363
Kim’s Academy of Dance 635-8458 Kim Craft
Kiyokan Judo Club 738-1011 Carrie Murray
Lancaster Minor Hockey 333-9638/653-8936 Jaime Peacock/ Greg Flynn /
Lancaster Minor Baseball league 672-2756 JP Craig
Nerepis Soccer Club 653-1142 Mynor London
Nerepis United Baptist 757-2718
P.R.O Kids 642-7529 David Dobbelsteyn
River Valley Basketball Association Keith Thomas
River Valley Community Centre (Arena) 738-8222 Kelly Goddard
River Valley Female Hockey 738-8110 Angie McKinley
River Valley Soccer Association 663-8300 Zackly Reid
River Valley Wesleyan Youth 738-3669
Saint John Skating Club 799-1016
Saint John Amateur Speed Skating Club Allan Morris
Tae Kwon Do 647-9915
Westfield & District Rec. Commission 757-2918 Sana Nearing
Westfield Golf Course Junior Division Program 757-2250 Steve Leblanc
Grit Hockey 738-1985 Mike McCluskey
Grit Ball Hockey Rebekah Young