Appointments To Committees And Boards

Grand Bay-Westfield Council is supported by a number of Committees of Council and participates in decision-making in the Greater Saint John Region through various Boards. Residents are invited to participate in the local decision-making process and assist with shaping the future of our community by offering to serve on Town Committees or serve as Town Representatives on Regional Boards.

Town Committees

Canada Day Committee, Planning Advisory Committee, Beautification Committee, Emergency Measures Organization (EMO), Summer Stage Committee, and Tourism Committee.

External Appointments

Imperial Theatre Board, Harbour Station Board, Trade and Convention Centre Board, Aquatic Centre Board, River Valley Community Center Board (Arena).

There are varying durations of terms and the number of eligible terms is dependent on by-laws, agreements or legislation. Throughout the year, various openings may occur with positions available to the residents with appointments made by Town Council.

If you are interested in serving on a committee or board kindly submit your request providing background information on your skills, abilities, and interests. Please indicate what committees or boards you are interested in serving on and please provide three references who are familiar with your work and/or abilities. Your request will be kept on file for consideration as appointments become available. If you wish additional information please contact Sandra Gautreau, Town Manager at 738-6420.