REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL – Engineering Study

July 21st, 2015


July 20, 2015

To whom it may concern:

The Grand Bay-Westfield Volunteer Fire Rescue Department is seeking request for proposals for the completion of an engineering study regarding sources and storage of water for firefighting services.


The purpose of this proposed study is to build upon the existing water supply locations in use by the Department. The primary goals include:

  1. Development of a list of potential water supply points.
  2. Identifying various water supply and/or storage solutions.
  3. Identifying which supply or storage solutions would be a best fit for the recommended locations.
  4. Identifying effective solutions while maintaining a high degree of cost efficiency.

Once completed, the study will:

  1. Serve as long term planning guidelines for the ongoing development of a robust firefighting water supply network.
  2. Guide the future placement, design and construction of water supply and/or storage locations for firefighting use.

Scope of work

  1. Assessment of the risks and hazards of the community to determine water supply needs.
  2. Assessment of current Fire Department resources as they relate to water supply sources and locations.
  3. Identify potential water supply locations to maximize tanker delivery rates throughout the community.
  4. Review of water supply and water storage options with 365 day a year availability/accessibility as well as cost efficiency as priority factors. Other factors may include capital costs, maintenance requirements, environmental permit requirements, and potential external funding sources.
  5. Provision of an evaluation and decision matrix detailing supply and storage options. Matrix to include such things as costs, positive and negative factors, priority locations, and reliability.


  1. The Fire Chief and other Department staff will be available throughout the study to provide needed information.
  2. A community wide water distribution network with fire hydrants is considered a cost prohibitive option. This and other cost prohibitive options do not need to be included in the engineering study.
  3. The level of effort expected for this study is in the $10,000.00 range, not including HST.


  1. The proponent must have five to ten years of experience in conducting similar reviews.

  2. Proposals must include a minimum of three names of former clients for whom similar or relevant work has been performed.

  3. Project Manager and consultant team to have demonstrated expertise and understanding of municipal fire service water supply systems.


  1. All proposals must be delivered to:

RFP 15-202-FWS

Sandra Gautreau

Town Manager

Town of Grand Bay-Westfield

PO Box 3001

Grand Bay-Westfield, NB

E5K 4V3

For in person or courier deliveries use:

RFP 15-202-FWS

Sandra Gautreau

Town Manager

Town of Grand Bay-Westfield

609 River Valley Drive

Grand Bay-Westfield, NB

E5K 1B3

  1. Completed study report to be presented no later than 60 days from date of award of the project.

  2. The proponent shall provide an editable digital original copy of the final report along with 2 bound hard copies.

  3. Proposals shall have the project name, Grand Bay-Westfield Firefighting Water Supply Plan Proposal RFP 15-202-FWS, clearly marked on the outside of the envelope. Proposals must be dated and signed by an authorized authority.

  4. Fax and email submissions will not be accepted.

  5. The deadline for responses to this RFP is: 3:00 pm on Wednesday August 5, 2015.

  6. The Town is not bound to accept the lowest, or any, proposal.

Any questions regarding this request for proposal may be directed to the undersigned.

Thank you,

Troy Gautreau
Fire Chief

Grand Bay-Westfield Vol. Fire Rescue