October 22nd, 2014





The River Valley Community Center Foundation Inc., incorporated under the laws of New Brunswick, is a registered charity pursuant to the Income Tax Act (Canada) and is governed by a Volunteer Board of Directors. The facility is located at 749 River Valley Drive in the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield. It contains a 200’ x 85’ artificial ice surface, seating for 600, multi-use room, and currently a private fitness centre and physio clinic. In addition, it offers children’s programs and provides a venue for community events.

Adjacent to the River Valley Community Center (RVCC) is a cluster of recreational facilities including a newly constructed multi-use park under the ownership of the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield. The River Valley Middle School is located within the cluster under the ownership of the Province of New Brunswick. It includes a double gymnasium, theatre, soccer field, lighted softball diamond, multi-purpose track, four outdoor basketball hoops, and activity trails.

The RVCC has a good working relationship with the River Valley Middle School and a good working relationship with the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield. The Town provides annual funding to the RVCC (2014 – $88,700).

This Request for Proposals (RFP) is an invitation to prospective proponents to submit proposals for the provision of Consulting Services for a Voluntary Operational Review of the River Valley Community Center/Cluster and is issued by the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield. The reporting process for the consultant shall be to the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield Council.

Objectives and Scope of the Operational Review

1. To identify opportunities for greater operational efficiencies and effectiveness including, but not limited to, revenue increases, expense reductions, and improved processes at the RVCC with consideration given to entrepreneurial operations for the facility/site.

2. To evaluate the current RVCC organizational structure and review policies and procedures and provide recommendations.

3. To evaluate the current decision making practices and make recommendations for a structure that fosters sound decision making.

4. To make recommendations on best practices to enhance operations.

5. To identify opportunities within the RVCC recreational cluster, taking into consideration other stakeholder partnerships that currently exist or could be developed, and make recommendations on viable options that are practical, realistic, and achievable to maximize service delivery.

6. To perform a review and clarify existing job profiles within the RVCC and review and clarify the role of the Board of Directors and the roles of the executive on the Board and provide specific recommendations on any advisable changes.

Guiding Principles

1. The consultant will take an objective, evidence-based approach to the review.

2. The consultant will rely on information that is presently available within the River Valley Community Center and the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield.

3. The consultant is expected to consult stakeholders, RVCC General Manager, RVCC Staff, as well as its Board of Directors.


1. The consultant must have five to ten years of experience in conducting similar reviews.

2. Submissions must clearly demonstrate the requisite experience, qualifications, and capacity to fulfil the RFP objectives and deliver exceptional results within the specified timeframe.

3. Proposals must include a minimum of three names of former clients for whom similar or relevant work has been performed.


The following deliverables are expected from this review:

1. The selected consultant will meet with Town Council prior to commencing work to review the RFP, seek clarification, and ensure the objectives of the review are clearly understood.

2. The consultant is expected to complete the review within eight (8) weeks of commencement being January 12, 2015.

3. The consultant shall provide a time line and work plan for the review.

4. The consultant will prepare a draft report and meet with Town Council to review the draft report prior to moving to a final report.

5. The consultant will provide a written final report setting out detailed, actionable recommendations and the expected benefits from implementation of such recommendations.

6. The consultant shall meet with Town Council to present the final report, if required.

7. The Town requires the prospective consultants to submit two copies of the proposal in hard copy and one electronic copy in pdf format.

8. It is requested that proposals be limited to no more than ten pages in length.


The proposals will be evaluated and ranked with the best scoring proposal being ranked first, the second best ranked second, and so on. The Town will only disclose the overall rankings not individual scores. The Town is not bound to accept the lowest, or any, proposal.


Instructions to Proponents

Proposals and/or amendments to proposals will not be accepted via electronic transmission including email or fax. Proposals received after the closing time will be returned to the proponent unopened, and will not be considered. The use of any means of delivery of a proposal shall be at the risk of the proponent. Proposals must be dated and signed by an authorized authority. Proponents may not make modifications to their proposals after the closing date and time except as may be allowed by the Town. The Town may reproduce any of the proponents’ proposals and supporting documents for internal use. The Town will not be obligated in any way by the proponent’s proposal. The Town will not return any of the proposals or supporting documents to the proponents. The proposals will be opened publicly.

A budget of a maximum of $20,000 (plus HST) has been established to cover the cost of the review. Please provide major benchmarks and payment terms with the proposal.

Any questions regarding the RFP shall be addressed to the Town Manager Sandra Gautreau for clarification. Questions shall be submitted in writing via email to or to the mailing address listed below.

The deadline for responses to this RFP is: 11:00 am on Tuesday November 18, 2014.

Sealed proposals clearly marked: “RFP-RVCC/Cluster-OP-REV-14” should be submitted to:

Sandra Gautreau
Town Manager
Town of Grand Bay-Westfield
PO Box 3001
Grand Bay-Westfield, NB
E5K 4V3