November 23rd, 2015

Grand Bay Primary, Inglewood School,

and Morna Heights School

The Anglophone South District Education Council (DEC) is hosting Public Consultations as per Provincial Policy 409 Multi-Year School Infrastructure Planning to study the sustainability of Morna Heights School, Grand Bay Primary and Inglewood School.

Under Policy 409, the DEC held two public information sessions – one on November 9th, and one on November 16th. These initial meetings delivered the proposal to the public to allow the DEC and staff to explain the process involved in a Policy 409 review and be available to answer questions about the process.

A second meeting is scheduled on December 8th at River Valley Middle School at 6:30 pm to allow the public an opportunity to ask questions about the proposal, voice their concerns, and provide feedback to the review.

Everyone is welcome to attend, and encouraged to do so. Throughout this process, written feedback can be submitted via email to: or you may send a letter to the attention of Robert Fowler, Chair, District Education Council, 490 Woodward Avenue, Saint John, NB E2K 5N3.